Let’s fly together!

MightyFly is actively seeking commercial partnerships with enterprise-scale retail, medical, and logistics companies for proof-of-concept delivery operations with our carbon-neutral MF-100 aircraft. 

Demand has never been higher for efficient, expedited, environmentally conscious delivery solutions. A commercial partnership with MightyFly will help your company:


Expand market reach

Fly goods farther faster to reach new customers previously out of your service range

Save time and money

Autonomous same-day delivery makes small and medium cargo shipments cost-effective for any size business

Commit to the environment

Every flight of MightyFly’s hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is carbon neutral

Become an industry leader

Position your company on the leading edge of your industry by leveraging innovative solutions to optimize your logistics and supply chain strategy

Increase brand awareness

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MightyFly’s range and payload are unprecedented in the expedited delivery space. 



Don’t lose customers because a hot item is out of stock. MightyFly tightens the connection between warehouse and retail locations with same-day delivery to give you an edge over the competition.

Remote Areas

Rural gas stations and convenience stores have limited space to store inventory. MightyFly reduces overhead costs by making regular deliveries of in-demand goods faster and economical.


Saving lives can’t wait. MightyFly enables autonomous, expedited delivery of medical supplies, prescription medicines, PPE, blood, and donor tissue to urban and rural facilities.


MightyFly partners with traditional logistics companies to providing a plug-and-play system to improve delivery timing with cost-effective, carbon-neutral aircraft.

If you are interested in learning more about how MightyFly can help automate and expedite your logistics needs, or for general questions, please contact us using this form.

Ready to get started?  

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